Digital Marketing

Top Digital Marketing Job Roles To Pursue

Namrata Patki
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You've found your match,” have you ever received such emails from Bumble or maybe you’ve seen the Myntra ad popping up on your Instagram feed, and you’ve ended up buying clothes? Have you ever wondered how these brands found you and exactly understood what you wanted, and what kind of strategy they used to reach out to you? The basis for the successful marketing strategy of these brands lies in just two words: Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is currently the most in-demand skill due to the ever-growing commerce sector creating multiple opportunities for various job roles in this field. Over the years businesses have shifted from offline to online, they need professionals to market their products and services. According to the survey, SEO specialists, content managers, and social media managers are amongst the top 10 ever-growing job roles as of 2023 and are expected to increase exponentially over the years.

The growing e-commerce sector in India has contributed to the growth of digital marketing. As this demand is expected to increase in the future, businesses are hiring more digital marketers for their businesses.