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A/B Testing Your Copy: Best Practices for Success

Namrata Patki
17- 11 -2023
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Have you ever gone shopping alone and found yourself needing clarification on two dresses? You liked both of them, but you couldn’t decide which one looked better on you. So, you sent pictures of both dresses to the family WhatsApp group and let them decide which one looked better on you. Guess What? You had just done Ab Testing! But what exactly is Ab Testing?

Ab Testing, or split testing, is a systematic process that involves comparing two versions of a web page or piece of content to determine which performs better. This powerful method doesn't just optimize copy; it functions to resonate with the audience. It helps you understand what your audience is responding to, which, in turn, can help you optimize your future copy.

For example, to set up an Ab test, you create two versions of content, format, or design with changes to a single variable. The first version has, let’s say, CTA as ‘Buy Now,’ while the other version has ‘Click here,’ and you let the audience decide which they resonate with.